We were pleased by number of your contributions – despite the difficult times affected by Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, we have received over 200 abstracts from 37 countries. From the obtained abstracts was evident a considerable amount of expert knowledge that you offer to share with colleagues. To make the knowledge exchange as effective as possible, please read carefully the following guidelines and help us to deliver the full papers in the best quality possible.

Deadline for full papers submission is 15 October 2021.

Full Paper guidelines

Full papers are to be prepared in English. The extent of the Full papers is limited to 8 pages in total. File size should not exceed 10 MB, figures and charts can be in colour. For the Full paper phase, do not include the authors related information since the Full papers will be subjected to a blind review. Authors identification will to be included only in the Final version of the paper. Full paper requirements summarized:

  • English
  • 8 pages in total (incl. abstract, references, annexes, etc.)
  • max 10 MB
  • Figures and charts can be in colour
  • Without authors identification for now
  • Until 15 October 2021

Full paper formats and templates

Full paper is possible to prepare in two formats:

  • MS Word
  • LaTeX

Please find the general guidelines for full paper preparation in APP_Guide_for_authors. Specific instructions for particular formats are provided below:

MS Word format

Authors who want to prepare their papers in MS Word format, please, use the CESB22 APP MSWord template. Please note, the papers will be transferred to LaTeX format by the publisher in the end, therefore, avoid complicated structures and format alteration.

For Full paper submission, for the purpose of review, this file will be needed:

  • Full paper in PDF format (without authors names and affiliations)

Please note that for the Final paper submission all figures will be required to be submitted also as a separate files (besides their inclusion in the text) so, please, be prepared for that (see APP_Guide_for_authors, section “Technical Requirements”).

LaTeX format

Authors who intend to prepare their paper in LaTeX format, please follow the LaTex template according to the manual prepared.

For Full Paper submission, for the purpose of review, this file will be needed:

  • Full paper in PDF format (without authors names and affiliations)

Submission of the Full papers

Full papers

For review, please upload your Full paper in PDF (without authors’ names) via conference electronic system accessible at https://www.conftool.com/cesb22/ until 15 October 2021 (the conference system will be open soon for Full paper submission). The blind review process will follow. Results of the Full papers review will be announced on 1 February 2022.

Final papers

The date for uploading the Final version of the full papers, i.e. version improved on the basis of review results and including the authors identification, will be 1 March 2022.

Within Final paper submission, all the following files will be requested:

  • Final paper in *.doc or *.docx (for authors using MS Word format), or *.tex (for authors using LaTeX format) including authors names and complete affiliations according to the APP_Guide_for_authors – section “Article Structure”
  • Final paper in PDF format (including authors names and complete affiliations according to the APP_Guide_for_authors – section “Article Structure”)
  • ZIP package of all images according to the APP_Guide_for_authors – section “Technical Requirements”
  • For LaTeX based papers: references in *.bib format

To allowed publication of your paper, Consent to Publish and Licence Terms will to be signed within the Final upload form.

Please keep in mind, that the paper can be published only after purchase of the registration fee. Presenting author shall register until 1 April (https://cesb.cz/key-dates/).

Final form of presentation

Final form of presentation (oral, poster) will be announced on the basis of the review by the CESB22 Scientific Committee in advance of the conference. Some of the papers can be selected for further issue by prior mutual agreement with the author.

CESB22 Proceedings

The Proceedings of CESB22 conference will be published as open access by Acta Polytechnica CTU Proceedings (https://ojs.cvut.cz/ojs/index.php/app). Acta Polytechnica CTU Proceedings is indexed by Scopus and DOAJ. Selected Volumes are indexed by Web of Science database.


Should you have any questions or technical problems related to the Full paper template or electronic submission system, please do not hesitate to contact Katerina Sojkova at papers(at)cesb.cz.