Please read carefully the following guidelines and help us to deliver the Full papers in the best quality possible.

Deadline for full papers submission is 15 October 2021.

YRSB22 Full paper guidelines

Full papers for YRSB22 are to be prepared in English. The extent of the Full papers is limited to 10 pages. File size should not exceed 10 MB, figures and charts can be in colour. For the full paper phase, do not include the authors related information since the full papers will be subjected to a blind review. Authors identification will to be included only in the Final version of the paper. YRSB22 full paper requirements summarized:

  • English
  • 10 pages
  • max 10 MB
  • Figures and charts can be in colour
  • Without authors identification for now
  • Until 15 October 2021

Full paper template and guidelines

Full papers will be prepared in MS Word format. Please, use the YRSB22 Prague Template and follow the guidelines inside.

Submission of the YRSB22 Full papers

Full papers

For review, please upload your Full paper in without authors’ names via CESB22 conference electronic system accessible at until 15 October 2021 (the conference system will be open soon for Full paper submission). We would also like to inform you, that only papers with the PhD (or other) student as the first author will be accepted. Before the full paper submission, a *document proving PhD studies* (or other form of studies) must be uploaded to the conference system. The paper will not be accepted without this proof.

After Full paper submission, the blind review process will follow. Results of the Full papers review will be announced on 1 February 2022.


All submitted Full papers will be peer-reviewed by the authors themselves. The condition of final acceptance of your Full paper for presentation is therefore to review 1 another Full paper within the topic group, assigned to you by the YRSB22 Scientific Committee. You will be informed about the reviewing process until 31 October 2021. The review submission is expected until 15 January 2022.

Accepted papers will be included in the electronic Forum proceedings and Forum programme.

Final papers

After the review phase, authors will be ask to incorporate the reviewers’ comments to their papers, add the authors names and affiliations and submit the Final version of the paper to the system. The date for uploading the Final version of the full paper will be 1 March 2022.

Within Final paper submission, Final paper in *.doc or *.docx including authors names and complete affiliations will to be uploaded.

To be allowed to publish your paper, Consent to Publish and Licence Terms will to be signed within the Final upload form.

Please keep in mind, that the paper can be published only after purchase of the registration fee. Presenting author shall register until 1 April (

Final form of presentation

Final form of presentation (oral, poster) will be announced on the basis of the review by the YRSB22 Scientific Committee in advance of the Forum.

CESB22 Proceedings

The Proceedings of YRSB22 forum will be published electronically.


Should you have any questions or technical problems related to the Full paper template or electronic submission system, please do not hesitate to contact Katerina Sojkova at papers(at) For other request please contact Julie Zelezna at yrsb(at)

Consent to Publish for Contributors to YRSB22 Proceedings

The Consent ensures that the CESB22 and YRSB22 Prague Organizers (CTU – UCEEB and FCE as local organizers, and international convenors – iiSBE, CIB, UNEP-SBCI and FIDIC) (hereinafter referred to as Organizers) have the author’s permission to publish the Work.

  1. The Author, while retaining the ownership of the copyright, allows Organizers to publish and reproduce the Contribution, for which this Consent to Publish has been awarded, in print and in electronic form, for any purpose related to the CESB22 Prague conference, YRSB22 forum and SB conference series.
  2. The Author retains the right to republish the Contribution in any printed or electronic publication, subject only to notifying the Organizers of the intent to do so and ensuring that the publication by the CESB22 and YRSB22 Organizers is properly credited.
  3. The Author takes full responsibility for the content of the Contribution and guarantees that the Contribution is original, has not been published previously, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that any necessary permission to quote from another source has been obtained.
  4. The Author respects that the presentation shall not be used as a means of selling the organization products or services.
  5. By submitting a paper for CESB22 or YRSB22 event, the Author declares his consent with releasing his name, email address, and affiliation, as provided in the submitted Final paper, in any form of the Conference proceedings that will be published (printed, as well as electronic), and in any other conference publications, such as Conference programme and similar, for which usually the data in the form entered into the ConfTool system are used.
  6. The Author declares that any person named as co-author of the Contribution is aware of the fact and has agreed to being so named. The Author also declares that he has a provable consent of all co-authors to enter their data, namely their names, email addresses, and affiliations, into the ConfTool system used for administration CESB22 and YRSB22 event agenda, and also to include them in the paper submitted for publication.
  7. Author can withdraw consent to storing his personal data in the ConfTool installation any time by contacting the event organizers at Author however takes into consideration and accepts, that consent withdrawal in case of personal data already published in the CESB22 or YRSB22 event publications (proceedings, programme etc.) after their publication is limited.