Keynote speakers

It is our great pleasure to welcome and introduce you excellent speakers in the field of sustainability and built environment.

Thomas Lützkendorf

Sustainability in building construction – a multiscale approach

Thomas Lützkendorf, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil, is director of the Centre for Real Estate at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He holds a PhD (1985) and Habilitation (2000) in the area of implementing sustainable development principles within the construction sector. Within the scope of teaching and research activities he is concerned with questions relating to the integration of sustainability issues into design and decision making processes along the life cycle of buildings.

Prof. Lützkendorf is a founding member of iiSBE and involved in standardisation activities at European (CEN TC 350) and international (ISO TC 59 SC 17) level. He was and is involved at the development and testing of sustainability assessment systems for buildings in Germany (BNB, DGNB, NaWoh) and collaborates in international research projects (i. e. SuPerBuildings, CONCERTO, IEA-Annex 57, IEA Annexd 72, RenoValue and RentalCal).

Richard Lorch

Buildings and climate change: accelerating transformation

Richard Lorch is an architect, researcher, author, book series editor, and editor-in-chief of a new, international research journal entitled Buildings and Cities. For 21 years, he was the editor-in-chief of Building Research & Information. His focus is on public policy, organisational change and the wider social impacts of building on energy, climate, and the environment. As journal editor, he commissions work on transitioning to a low-carbon society.  From 2007-14, Lorch was also the executive editor of Climate Policy, a journal that focuses on international climate negotiations and their implications.  

Lorch is actively engaged in improving policy literacy within the construction sector, as an advisor to the European Commission and a member of UK think tank, The Edge. He is a visiting professor at University College London and serves on the advisory board of the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School, an international transdisciplinary PhD program on spatial science, economics, and social sciences.