CESB conference is willing not to only talk about the sustainability, but also to be a good example of sustainable event. Here we have our main goals, that we are kindly asking you to help us with.


The CESB conference is minimizing the transport-induced environmental impacts.

The venue can be reached by public transport easily (stations Dejvická or Thákurova). Please consider taking a public transport before calling for taxi. Travelling from far distance? Consider taking a train instead of a plane or offsetting!
Finish times of the CESB events does not prevent you from the use of public transport. You will be easily able to use the bus, metro or tram on your way back to the hotel.


CESB organizers promote the Environment-responsible hotels in the walking distance from the conference venue.

Consider the daily travelling to the conference venue and select the accomodation that you may be able to reach on foot. Check, if your hotel meets the ecological critera and holds EMAS, Ecolabel or similar licences.

Procurement of Products and Services

CESB organizers pay attention to environmental concerns in all procurement procedures.

We tend to reduce the amounts of paper printed and use during the conference. The conference programme will be printed on recycled paper, both sides, no other handout will be released. We ask our exhibitors not to use their fliers in the conference venue. All advertising materials used and for which the exhibitors are responsible (racks, roll-ups, decoration, maybe floor covering) should be reusable and will be re-used.

Waste and Water Management

CESB 22 conference will avoid waste and reduce the volume of the waste.
The CESB team prefer use of ecologically advantageous packaging, e.g. reusables. We target to reducing the amounts of paper used at conference. There will be clearly marked collection points for separate waste collection at the conference venue. The necessary equipment for the conference will be rented and returned back to the owner after the conference.
The conference badges will be re-collected and reused ant the Registration desk. The visitor guidance system will be electronic or reusable. The decorations will be reusable.


CESB 22 will provide the participants with regional and seasonal foods and products and provides a sustainable way of feasting.

The sources for the our conference meals will be carefully chosen. Fresh tap water will be provided in reusable glass carafes, drinking fountains will be available at the conference venue. No disposable tableware, coffee capsules or individually wrapped condiments will be provided during the conference.


The CESB 22 organizers carefully select the gifts with minimum impact to the environment.

We would like to provide the participants with the gifts that will not end up being thrown away soon afterwards, and their manufacture and delivery should cause as little environmental damage as possible and should be socially sound. The recycled materials will be prefered.