Link to the online stream is Use your conference systam (ConfTool) username and password to log in. Please note that only one device can be connected at a time.

When the conference starts you will have the possibility to join live. Chose the hall you want to join in. At any time, you can switch to another hall for watching any other parallel session. Up-to-date conference agenda can be found any time in conference agenda.

You can post questions via the chat. Those questions are visible to the chairs who will read it to the presenting author if there is enough time.

With some delay, the passed sessions will be accessible in archive via the same link. The archive will be accessible at least one month after the conference ends so that you can watch missed sessions if you wish.

The online stream will start with the start of conference sessions on Monday, July 4th.


The online access for presenting author is to be used only by presenting authors in given session; it is not intended for passive audience!

To be sure everything goes well when the conference programme is running, we recommend you to test the procedure and connection in advance. Preferred time for testing is on Sunday, July 3rd, evening but if that time doesn’t suit you, you can choose any time that fits you. To arrange the test connection please contact the technicians at

How to join to give your presentation during the conference:

  • You will receive the link for the session in which you have the presentation in a separate email on Sunday 3 July at latest.
  • Join via the link at least 10 minutes before your presentation starts, best at the beginning of the session. Type you name and click “Join”.
  • Click on the microphone icon – please note that the internet browser can ask for permission so please click on “allow” to grant the permission (the microphone at this point is just for a sound test, so do not be afraid of disturbing the programme in progress – for the session you are always joined as muted). Try to say something – if you can hear yourself it is all right to confirm click on the green button “yes”
  • Once you have joined the session, please turn on the camera in the bottom of the screen so that the participants can see you during your lecture. Please avoid blurry background or any effects – the best is your room in real, try to have good lighting conditions with no background noise.
  • Do not unmute until the chair invites you to give a talk.
  • Once the chair invites you to present your contribution, unmute. At the same time the technicians will enable you to present – an icon for sharing your screen will newly appear in the bottom of the screen. Click on the icon and select the window or the screen with your presentation you want to share. Please note that the internet browser can ask for permission so please allow.

Give your lecture and answer potential questions.

After your presentation or when the session ends, you can leave the session – close the browser window/tab or via the three dots on the top right corner of the screen. For the rest of the conference programme please use the access for audience (see part 1. above)

Some hints:

  • If you are replacing the announced presenting author for any reason, please let us know in advance at or if it is at the last moment, give the information to the technicians in the online session via the chat so that you can be identified for your talk.
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are tested for the connection (Google Chrome is recommended). If you are using another browser and something doesn’t work, try to switch to one of the listed browsers.
  • If anything goes wrong (incorrectly entered name, lost connection, …) you can anytime close the browser window/tab and join again from the beginning.
  • For communication with the technicians before your lecture, use the chat option – in the left menu you can see the user “CESB22”.

If you have any technical questions regarding connection or the online stream or to arrange test presentation, please contact Adam Bohuncak at